Stinger Suits

How do Stinger Suits Work?

In Australia we use Stinger Suits for 2 main reasons, we want protection from the nasty stingers (jelly fish) that thrive in our tropical waters and from the searing sun and uv rays that cause skin cancer.

Fortunately the same technology in our garments that works against uv radiation, also works against the stingers.

To stop stingers we need to provide a barrier between the sting and the skin, and due to the size of the stingers (very small) the barrier needs to not have any large gaps. The Italian fabrics that Stingray uses has an extremely tight weave which not only blocks the stingers but it also blocks in excess of 98% of the harmful UV rays. In fact in some laboratory testing the darker coloured fabrics actually blocked 99.8% of the UV rays.

Are all Stinger Suits the same ?

The simple answer is no. Not all stinger suits are made from the best materials. The cheaper suits will often be made from Lycra/Spandex, which unfortunately has a fundamental flaw. Lycra deteriates and breaks down in chlorine and uv light, or in other words in the sea or outside in the sun ! Have you ever had a swimsuit/rashie that has lost its elasticity? If you have then that has been the Lycra breaking down, and this not only has the effect of making the garment a worse fit, it actually stops its effectiveness. Once the Lycra breaks down the weave of the fabric (or the gaps between the threads) loosens and potentially allows the stingers and sunlight through.

The better brands have known about this for some time and use a more expensive fabric called PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) mixed with polyester. This material is completely resistant to chlorine and the UV rays. Whilst this may make the suits a little more expensive to purchase up front, the cost is recovered because you can purchase fewer over your lifetime.

Will I look great in a stinger suit?

That is not really a fair question ! We think our stinger suits look great and the material does definitely help to pull in and hide some of the lumps and bumps.

Even the great Lionel Richie loves them. Check out his instagram post.

We have had a number of customers reach out to us to thank us for allowing them to get back outside. They were suffering from scars, burns, birthmarks, varicose veins or other skin conditions and the full coverage of the suit has given them the confidence to return to some of their favourite activities.

What can I use my Stinger Suit for?

Whilst most people purchase stinger suits to go snorkelling there are a great number of activities where you will benefit from their comfort and sun protection: Swimming, Kayaking/Canoing, Surfing, Wind Surfing to name a few.

Where to Find a Quality, Well Priced Stinger Suit? Australia Based Stingray

Stingray is the original sun protection clothing company in Australia, and we offer our customers a range of high quality clothing that includes the stinger suit. Australia, in particular, experiences its fair share of hot and sunny weather, and so we've designed stinger suits and other gear that will provide the protection you need while enjoying everything that the sun and surf have to offer.

While our stinger suits provide UPF50+ protection from the sun's hot rays, they're also perfectly suited for protecting against jelly fish, which we in Australia know to be a nuisance. Whether you're hanging out at the beach, swimming or surfing, the stinger suits from Stingray are well designed for optimal comfort, durability, and of course, protection.

Shopping for stinger suits online is easy, and the collection of protective clothing available here is priced affordably. Check out our selection of stinger suits for sale, there's something for everyone in the family!