STINGRAY® is the original sun protection clothing company in Australia.
The name STINGRAY in Australia and worldwide represents the highest quality of sun clothing & sun suits, and is synonymous with sun protection swimwear awareness and government education about the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays caused by the harsh Australian environment. Due to its geographical position and close proximity to the equator, Australia experiences some of the highest levels of solar ultraviolet radiation in the world. Every year in Australia there are 270,000 new cases of Skin Cancer diagnosed.

You may enjoy having fun in the sun but the UV radiation is damaging to your skin!
Over exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause short term health effects such as sunburn, wrinkles and sun spots. Long term exposure to ultraviolet radiation can increase the risk of damage to the skin which may cause skin cancer and eventually Melanoma, also damage to the eyes which may result in cataracts. You can stay in the shade and wear Stingray Sun Protection Clothing for Ultraviolet Protection.

Sunscreen may not be enough to protect you!
Sunscreens may need to be completely reformulated after researchers discovered the Ultraviolet Rays that cause sunburn are not responsible for skin cancer. The Sydney University team found UVA Rays (which do no visibly burn the skin) penetrate more deeply and do more harm than UVB Rays, Which are responsible for sunburn and have until now been considered the main cause of skin cancer. Dermatology Professor Gary Halliday said the finding by his team could lead to a complete overhaul of sunscreens, which currently protect more against UVB than UVA.

Regular clothing is not suitable for sun protection!
Some regular clothing may rate low, which does not reduce UVR exposure, and does not provide any skin protection from the sun's UV radiation. To be sure about regular clothing rating, special UVR exposure testing needs to be performed on fabrics by certified laboratories. STINGRAY® sun protection clothing and UV protective swimwear provides the highest ratings in blocking UV Rays, which is EXCELLENT PROTECTION (blocking more than 97.5% of the sun's UV radiation).
Have fun in the Sun and wear STINGRAY® products

Why is STINGRAY® the best company worldwide in UV Protection Sportswear!
Stingray has been researching, designing, testing and manufacturing UV protection active wear since 1986. We are proud to be the leader in this field in Australia and the rest of the world. Our expertise in this unique and technical domain cannot be equaled. We continually source and develop exceptional fabrics, specifically designed not only to meet the sun protection standards, but also exceeds all expectations.
Our professional designs and quality production is unmatched by any other supplier of similar products. You can be sure you are dealing with the original and best sun protection products supplier worldwide.

What does STINGRAY® sun protective range include?
Our comprehensive Outdoor range of skin protection products covers all ages from babies to adults. We design our own sunblock styles of sun protective clothing, UV protective swimwear, sun hats, UV Stinger suits, sun protection clothes for kids and adults, UV swimsuits, UV swimwear, sunscreens, beach shoes, Ladies UV suits, Kids sun caps, Adults Rash Guard Shirts, Unisex Sunsuits, children's UV suits, Sunscreens and Aloe Vera gel. In addition to the standard sizing range, we have PLUS Sizing styles which includes; Ladies Plus sizes Rash shirts, Ladies Large sizes Shorts and Tights, Ladies Extra Large sizes Shirt, Men Plus sizes Rash shirts, Men Big sizes Shorts and Tights, and Men Extra Large sizes Shirt.
Have fun in the Sun and wear STINGRAY® products