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The Importance of UV Protective Clothing

17th Jun 2015

The skin is one of the most important organs and is by far the largest as it provides protection for our bones, muscles and internal organs. The skin can also be considered as the most vulnerable organ as it is exposed to the outside world. There are several factors that pose a threat to the well-being of the skin, which all depends on where you li …
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How to Choose the Best One Piece Swimsuits

16th Jun 2015

On hot summer days we often think about a dip in a cool pool or the sea. Swimming is one of the most popular activities as people of all ages can enjoy it. Swimming is a great way of having fun and exercising as it helps work most of our bodies. For you to ensure you get the best swimming experience you must ensure that you are comfortable, wh …
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Rash Guard Shirts and Other Protective Swimwear

15th Jun 2015

Rash guard shirts are one very important item on a list of recommended clothing that provides UV protection while in the water. Whether you like to surf, swim, snorkel, kayak, or dive, a rash guard shirt can help you out. UV protection in general is a smart idea if you do any of the activities listed above. While the rash guard is great for protect …
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What a Perfect Pair of Swim Shorts Should Be

13th Jun 2015

There are all types of water activities that can be enjoyed. As with any type of sport, there is usually a specified type of gear that is required. With swim sports there is swimming gear that is highly recommended. One very important piece of this is the swim shorts.Various Water ActivitiesThere are many different types of water activities that on …
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The Need for Sun Protective Clothing

12th Jun 2015

Australians love their beaches. When summer is approaching, the topic of conversation inevitably turns to the summer holidays and plans begin in earnest for summer fun.There is nearly 37,000 km of coastline, and eight out of ten Aussies live within 100 kilometres of the country's 11,000 plus beaches. The beach life is a very important part of Austr …
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