31st Mar 2015

Does Wearing Sun Hats Protect The Head And Hair From The Sun?

As a health conscious Australian, you need to choose the right sun hat for your protection against the UV rays. With the oozing hot summer sun, it’s important to protect yourself adequately from the harmful sun rays. Most people don’t take the time to choose the appropriate sun hats. This article will provide information on how to choose the right sun hat to beat the harsh summer heat.

What to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Sun Hat

When shopping for a sun hat online or at a local shopping mall, here are a few factors you should definitely put into consideration.

Size of the Brim

For maximum protection, make sure the hat has a brim size of 3 inches. This size is enough to block the sun rays from getting into your face or ears. Remember, the intensity of sun rays changes depending on the specific time of day. At noon, when the sun is directly overhead, a sun hat with a 3 inch brim will adequately protect you from the sun rays.

Material Used To Make Sun Hats

When looking for a new sun hat, you should consider the materials used to manufacture the particular apparel. Most materials have UV absorption feature. If the sun hat has not been labeled adequately, you should hold it against a light which will definitely shine through. Some of the best materials used to make sun hats are natural straw, cotton or hemp. There are also synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon that make exceptional sun hats. These kinds of materials are the best for the ultimate protection against sun rays.

Shape of the Brim

The shape of the brim of your sun hat also matters a lot. It should be able to reflect the sun rays away from your face. UV radiation can be reflected on different surfaces such as dry beach sand or sea foam. Therefore, with the rightly shaped sun hat brim, you should be safely protected from UV radiation. It’s better to choose an oddly shaped sun hat and receive maximum protection from dangerous sun rays.

Colour of the Sun Hat

Most people only consider the colour when choosing a sun hat. They are more concern if the hat is matching with the rest of their clothes. Colour is also important to consider but purely for protection and not mainly for fashion. The sun hat colour helps determine whether sun rays will be bounced off or reflected off your face.

White or light coloured hats will reflect the heat from the sun. On the other hand, dark colours will absorb the heat rather than bouncing it to your face or eyes. Therefore, you should choose a sun hat with a white top and a darker under brim. This is to make sure the heat from the sun is reflected off your face perfectly.

Consider the Activities

When buying a new sun hat, you should also consider the activities you’re going to be involved in. Make sure that the activity you will be joining requires a sun hat. For instance, do you need the sun hat for travelling? Do you need a sun hat for playing beach football? Or do you need a sun hat when sitting or relaxing in the beach or near a swimming pool? Always choose the right sun hat for the specific activity you will be involved in. Be sure you’re completely protected from the dangerous UV rays of the sun.

Effects of Wearing a Sun Hat

There is a myth which says that repeatedly wearing a sun hat can lead to hair loss or poor hair growth. The truth is that, it all depends on the type of hat you wear. For instance, if you choose hats that are too tight, they will cut off circulation which leads to poor hair growth. A tight sun hat results in greasy roots and dry ends which can ultimately cause hair loss. Also, if the tight hat consistently rubs the hair when you’re moving, it might result in hair breakage. To prevent this, you should choose hats that allow your hair to breathe adequately.

The positive effects of wearing a sun hat contributed largely to your hair. It gives complete protection from sun rays that might damage the hair or the scalp resulting in hair loss. Also, if you’re spending your time on the beach during summer, you can adequately prevent any sand or impurities from getting into your hair. Even better, you can avoid getting sun burns to your scalp which can be excruciatingly painful.

Overall Benefits of Wearing Hats during Warmer Months

Natural Protection against the Sun

Sun rays contain UV radiation which can cause skin cancer or melanoma. Therefore, wearing a sun hat is the best way to prevent these disorders during hot summer seasons.

Prevention against Sun Burns

If you have ever suffered through the misfortune of sun burns on your skin, you know how excruciatingly painful they can be. The best prevention and protection against sun burns is wearing a sun hat.

With this information, you should be able to find the best sun hat for your ultimate face and hair protection. Check out Stingray’s Sun Hats for the complete collection of exceptional sun hats. Be sure to choose for the one that suits you the best.